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Assistant Product Owner (M/F/D)

País : Portugal Portugal

Distrito : Porto

Categoria : Marketing

Tipo de contrato : Efetivo

Tipo de emprego : A tempo inteiro

Descrição do cargo

Purpose & Overall Relevance for the Organization:

The active management of products or services throughout their lifecycle (inception through to retirement) to address market opportunities and customer/user needs and generate the greatest possible value for the business. The adoption and adaptation of product development models based on the context of the work and selecting appropriately from predictive (plan-driven) approaches or adaptive (iterative/agile) approaches.

Key Responsibilities:


- Builds on and refines appropriate outline ideas for the evaluation, development, demonstration, and implementation of research.

- Contributes to research goals and funding proposals.

- Collects and analyses qualitative and quantitative data as required.

- Creates research reports to communicate research methodology, findings, and conclusions.

- Presents papers at conferences, contribute significant sections of material of publication quality, and presents reports to clients.

- Contributes to research plans and identifies appropriate opportunities for publication and dissemination of research findings.

- Makes an active contribution to research communities.

Portfolio, program, and project support

- Takes responsibility for the provision of support services to projects.

- Uses and recommends project control solutions for planning, scheduling, and tracking projects.

- Sets up and provides detailed guidance on project management software, procedures, processes, tools, and techniques.

- Supports program or project control boards, project assurance teams and quality review meetings.

- Provides basic guidance on individual project proposals.

- May be involved in aspects of supporting a program by providing a cross program view on risk, change, quality, finance, or configuration management.

Business analysis

- Investigates operational requirements, problems, and opportunities, seeking effective business solutions through improvements in automated and non-automated components of new or changed processes.

- Assists in the analysis of stakeholder objectives, and the underlying issues arising from investigations into business requirements and problems and identifies options for consideration.

- Works with stakeholders, to identify potential benefits and available options for consideration, and in defining acceptance tests.

- Contributes to selection of the business analysis methods, tools, and techniques for projects, selecting appropriately from predictive (plan-driven) approaches or adaptive (iterative/agile) approaches.

Requirements definition and management

- Contributes to selection of the requirements approach for projects, selecting appropriately from predictive (plan-driven) approaches or adaptive (iterative/agile) approaches.

- Defines and manages scoping, requirements definition and prioritization activities for initiatives of medium size and complexity.

- Facilitates input from stakeholders, provides constructive challenge and enables effective prioritization of requirements.

- Reviews requirements for errors and omissions.

- Establishes the requirements base-lines, obtains formal agreement to requirements, and ensures traceability to source.

- Investigates, manages, and applies authorized requests for changes to base-lined requirements, in line with change management policy.

Release and deployment

- Assesses and analyses release components.

- Provides input to scheduling.

- Carries out the builds and tests in coordination with testers and component specialists maintaining and administering the tools and methods - manual or automatic - and ensuring, where possible, information exchange with configuration management.

- Ensures release processes and procedures are maintained.

Relationship management

- Implements stakeholder engagement/communications plan.

- Deals with problems and issues, managing resolutions, corrective actions, lessons learned and the collection and dissemination of relevant information.

- Collects and uses feedback from customers and stakeholders to help measure effectiveness of stakeholder management.

- Helps develop and enhance customer and stakeholder relationships.

Product management

- Manages aspects of the product lifecycle enabling the product to meet the needs of customers/users and achieve financial or other targets.

- Acts as product owner for one or more lower-value products or services; prioritizes product requirements and owns a product backlog.

- Analyses market and/or user research, feedback, expert opinion, and usage data to understand needs and opportunities.

- Facilitates uptake of products by planning development of product collateral, supporting and evaluating campaigns, and monitoring product performance.

- Rolls out product trials and product launches.

Key Relationships:

- Global IT

- Respective business function (GOPS, Finance, HR, Brand Marketing, Wholesale/Retail)

- HR Management

- Controlling

Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications:

- our-year college or university degree with focus on Business Administration or IT or related areas, or equivalent combination of education and experience

- Proficient spoken and written command of English

- At least 7-year experience in IT

- 5 years of experience in relevant area

- 2 years of experience in team management

- Strong understanding & knowledge of regional and global market landscape and the respective customer

- Managed critical elements and cross functional and regional projects
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