Production Director Textil And Flat Knit - Casablanca

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Produção - Qualidade
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Efetivo - CLT
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A tempo inteiro
Experiências :
5 a 10 anos

Descrição da empresa

Fashion Consultant Specialized in Recruitment, Training and Consulting

Descrição do cargo

Important Company reference for the Fast Fashion Market, with a product of trendy young woman and formed by a team of Spanish designers and buyers, based in Casablanca. Need to join the team a Production Manager to supervise the production process and another Production Manager with knowledge in shima-seiki and flat knit.

The functions to be performed are as follows:

• Direct the tasks of shipments production and quality based on the requirements of the customer.
• Ensure optimal material and staff capacity.
• Address of the teams.
• Maintenance, coordination and planning of the tasks, assuring the fulfillment of the times.
• Monitoring and optimization of production;
• Establish quality control procedures.
• weekly reports of: quality, productivity, costs and maintenance.
• Collaborate with the design team to optimize costs and production times.


Training in textile technology or similar.
Previous experience in team management.
Used to working under pressure.
Previous experience in similar positions.
Deep knoledge and experience with Shima Seiki Machines

Position located in Casablanca


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